One Place Forever

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"Growing up is not so bad"

‘One Place Forever’ is a collection of original songs following an adapted story of Peter Pan. Wendy is torn; does she abandon her reality to live a free life forever young? Or does she settle for what she already has? She explores Neverland in all it’s glory, captivated by the magic and immersed in wonder. She swims with Eustous, plays with the Raffiens and is mesmerised by Mariona. Neverland is everything she has ever dreamed of... however, Wendy discovers that there is something missing in her life.

In October 2018 we began the extensive planning and writing process. From song ideas to the final album, the entire production of ‘One Place Forever’ was completed in four months and we had a blast! The creation of this album was not possible without the dedication, support and sheer talent of our cast who worked tirelessly to help us bring our songs to life. These songs also feature in Ice Creative Entertainment’s US touring shows ‘Peter Pan & Friends On Ice’ and ‘Fairytales On Ice’.


A huge thank you to all our amazing cast, we really couldn't have done it without you!

Berit Dybing
Wendy Darling
Ollie Wild
Peter Pan
Conor Smith
Alan Hall
Westby / Bently /
Renny Raffien
Olivia Rossiter-Langworthy
Lauren Rycroft
Ruth Lewis

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Smitten Fox

Hello, we are Smitten Fox Productions! We are passionate about song writing, storytelling and musical theatre! We are a team built on friendship and family and we strive to produce original content that will leave a lasting impression on our audiences.


Collaboration was a key part of our process and we can't thank everyone involved enough.

Darius Kiani
Joe Dawson
Ice Creative Entertainment
Peter Pan and Friends on Ice