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We are Smitten Fox Productions, a songwriting/production duo from Leeds, UK. We met at university in 2015 through various interactions in bands, lectures and social events to eventually discover that we both shared the same passion for songwriting. Given our different individual backgrounds in the industry, combined we have a very strong and diverse attitude to composition and approach our work with full enthusiasm and drive in order to create something special.

We are also both well trained producers and have extensive experience in studio/live recording, sound design, engineering and mixing. We love what we do and are incredibly devoted to each and every project we take on. In 2018 we both graduated with first class honours from Leeds College of Music.

Our services include:

- Tailored Songwriting/Composition
- Music Production
- Recording
- Scriptwriting
- Audio Correction (including vocal tuning and audio quantising)
- Songwriting/Theatre Consultation & Workshops

Every service we provide is tailored to each client. Get in touch with what you require to receive a price quote!
If there is something you're after that we haven't mentioned, get in contact anyway! We're sure we can help you!

Smitten Fox Graduation


"It was a fantastic process collaborating! Your team was professional, timely, and open to feedback. Very creative minds. Our final product was delivered to the highest quality. We will absolutely use Smitten Fox Productions again!"

- Alex Wilfand (CEO, Ice Creative Entertainment)


"My personal favourite part of the [Peter Pan] show is the soundtrack. It’s all original, it’s incredible, it’s catchy... this soundtrack really stands out and is really something special."

- Andrea Knipp (Production Manager for Peter Pan & Friends On Ice)

peter pan

"Our sold out audience of over 1800 students and teachers loved every minute and it kept them totally entertained and enthralled throughout the entire show."

- Maureen Hartje (Executive Director, Enrichment Through The Arts)

['Peter Pan and Friends' in collaboration with I.C.E.]


"Powerful music."

- Dr. Paula Rubenstein (Smart Arts, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY)


Our Work


We have a very broad approach to musical composition and love collaborating with all types of industries. Whatever genre or instrumental musical accompaniment you need, we will help you out! We will work closely with you to achieve the original piece of music that you are looking for!

One Place Forever

Once Lost

A New Musical

  • Portfolio Musical Theatre/Pop
    More Info...

    This is a collection of musical theatre anthems and popular music we have composed and produced. We have a lot of fun creating narratives that carry the lyrics and bring the melodies to life within our songs.

  • Portfolio Magic
    More Info...

    This is a collection of our compositions written to enhance the ‘magic’ within the productions they were written for. These include the many shows created in collaboration with Ice Creative Entertainment.

  • Portfolio Rock
    More Info...

    This is a collection of alternative rock music we have composed and produced for a project called REED, a rock band that we are both members of. We have toured the UK with our sets and enjoy playing live!

  • Portfolio Characters
    More Info...

    This is a collection of original character driven compositions. Each song is based around characters and themes. Much like our popular music portfolio, we love creating stories from scratch and finding new ways to bring characters to life through theatre and song.

  • Portfolio Ambient
    More Info...

    This is a collection of ambient and interesting sound design. These compositions of ours create specific atmospheres to accompany video, theatre or environments. We use a number of techniques to create unique textures with recorded sounds.

  • Portfolio Heavy
    More Info...

    This is a collection of heavy/energetic music we have composed and produced for powerful scenes and intense choreography. Some of these examples have been used for performances and showcases at The Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, USA.

  • Production Mix Rescue
    More Info...

    This is an example of a song where we have ‘rescued’ the mix. We did not compose this song but have assisted with bringing the mix to life. You will hear the initial mix merge into the ‘rescued’ mix and then back into the initial mix.

  • Production Editing
    More Info...

    This is an example of audio correction. You will first hear the dry recorded drum kit which has a number of different sonic problems with it... this will merge into the corrected and mixed drum kit and then back into the uncorrected drum kit.

"It Never Feels Like Work"

- In collaboration with I.C.E.

About Us

Cameron Fox


From a young age, I have been singing tunes, watching musicals and generally being an annoying child. After begging my mum and dad to let me have piano lessons, I started playing all this music I had been singing for years. It didn’t take long before I started writing my own music. Although it was a rough start, I’m proud to say that my abilities have come a long way (I hope) in the almost two decades since then. For a long time, I have been writing film music and honing my orchestration skills, but in recent years I have written music in all genres, from classical, to jazz, to electronic. More recently, I have been writing music and songs for musical theatre and generally still being that annoying kid. And I can say that I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.

When I went to Uni, I met Michael in class and distinctly remember not liking him (as it turns out, he had the same thought - how dare he!), however I very quickly realised we worked extremely well together and had a great friendship that has been strong ever since.

Michael Smith


I originally disliked my piano lessons at a young age. Couldn’t stand them. Alas, my parents were persistent and devoted their time taking me to and from lessons every week-now for which I am eternally grateful. I eventually began to enjoy playing and branched out to learn other instruments. Into my teens, I performed in local bands which would soon become a key aspect of my life along with acting and involvement in theatre. I had always written melodies and lyrics and as I grew I began recording my ideas to develop them as well as my skills as a producer. Songwriting and music production became a great passion of mine and the moment I decided to study it at university was the moment I knew I wanted to make a career out of it.

Shortly after beginning my time at university, I met Cameron when we were put in the same group for an assignment and I remember not liking him; we still joke about this today because he didn’t like me either. He sat at a piano one day and started playing an old song he had written. I listened for a minute. “That sounds like it could be in a musical” I said before he revealed that he had always wanted to write a musical... to which I replied, “me too” and we’ve not looked back since.

"My experience working on the musical was amazing. Michael and Cameron encouraged me to be imaginative which really appealed to me. Michael really nurtured a performance that I was happy with, with his patient and methodical approach and I was massively impressed with his work ethic and the elements he and Cameron had already produced. Both were really prepared and it felt like an environment where you felt safe as a performer because they always had a plan. Nothing was rushed and they really articulated their ideas in a vivid way to me so I always felt like I knew what they were going for."

- Alan Hall (Westby/Bently/Renny Raffien)

"I love working with Michael and Cameron, and am continuously impressed by their innovative writing styles and incredible attention to detail in production. They work endlessly to bring out the best performance in everyone they collaborate with, and actively encourage an enlightened creative process by breathing life into others' ideas. Michael and Cameron are both exquisitely trained in their field and are two of the most creative writers I know. Bringing their version of Wendy to life was an absolute delight, and I look forward to working with them in the future."

- Berit Dybing (Wendy/Christmas On Ice/Music Magic Mayhem/Winter Fantasy)

"In my opinion, Michael and Cameron are each, equally a credit to their profession. In my experience with them, they were both the epitome of what one looks for in modern Musical Directors and Producers. Working with them I was blown away by their work ethic and, as a producer myself, constantly inspired by their enthusiasm, adaptability and unfailing professionalism. The combined creative and technical skillset of the pair is vast and of the highest degree, allowing them the produce such meticulously great content to the upmost quality."

- Ollie Wild (Peter Pan)

"Voicing Mariona for Peter Pan and friends on ice really has been a joy. It is clear from the moment you start working with Smitten Fox Productions that Michael and Cameron love what they do, and this makes you love it too. A lot of talent, a lot of dedication and a lot of laughter goes in to everything that they create. I am amazed that something as brilliant, professional and authentic as this musical can result from, basically, just having a pretty fun time with great people."

- Lauren Rycroft (Mariona)

"Working with Michael and Cameron was an absolute pleasure. They are focused and committed to writing, recording and mixing their music to a professional standard. From a musicians point of view, I have great confidence in Michael and Cameron, knowing they will capture my sound in the best possible way."

- Joe Dawson (Drummer)

"Working with Smitten Fox Productions to help create Peter Pan on Ice was an incredible experience. I have been amazed by the music created and the standard to which it has been produced. Michael and Cameron have been constantly professional and welcoming when I was recording with them, creating a comfortable environment that allowed me to relax. They created guidance when I needed help with lines and allowed me to play around with the notes to see what we could create and let the songs to suit my voice. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Smitten Fox Productions."

- Ruth Lewis (Tinkerbell)

"I cannot say how much fun the process of creating this show has been. Cameron and Michael have been a pleasure to work with, and they were able to bring a smile to my face even when the work got hard. I am not only in awe of the singers and actors I worked with, I am also proud of the entire company involved in the creation of this show as I have seen it grow from just an idea to what it is today. It is truly incredible. I want to personally thank Smitten Fox Productions for giving me this opportunity."

- Conor Smith (Captain Hook/Ralph Raffien)

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